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Frequently Asked Questions

For Your Convenience

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via debit card, credit card, and bank account. 
You will receive a link to make payment with your invoice or we can also accept debit and credit cards with our reader in person (this must be arranged prior to delivery)

What if equipment is damaged during rental time?

If the equipment is returned in a damaged or excessively worn condition, lessee is responsible to pay the reasonable cost to repair and pay rental on the equipment of the regular rental rate until repairs have been completed

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to date of rental for full refund.

What does 8 hour run time mean?

When machine is running, the hour meter will be continuously running. Once you hit 8 hours, additional charges will be made. Anything over 10 hours will be billed as an additional daily rate.

What if we need a special attachment?

Call us! We have a variety of attachments available other than the standard attachments that come with the machine.

Are you Licensed?

We are a licensed and insured company under our parent corporation, American Premier Construction LLC

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