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The Rental Process

What you need to know about renting equipment

What Type of Machine Do You Need?

Addressing what you need the machine to do will help determine which one is perfect for your job!

Do you need it to reach up high?

Do you need it to move dirt or some other material?

What weight does it need to lift?

How high does it need to reach?

If the job requires large amounts of dirt or material to be moved then a skid steer is perfect for the job! They have a large bucket and can haul large amounts of material at a quick pace. Skid steers are also handy for leveling and clearing land as well as demolition projects!

If the job requires precise digging for trenches or holes or land grading, an excavator is what you need. Excavators are also good for lifting of heavy items such as large rocks, logs, and much more.

Booking the Machine

Once you have decided on what machine you need, either book online or call us!

We will get an invoice to you to ensure payment and secure the time requested for the machine! In order to secure, we initially charge you the daily rate of the machine as well as the delivery cost.

What to Expect on Delivery Date

On your chosen date and time, we will deliver the piece of equipment.

We ask that there is ample space for turnaround of trucks otherwise make sure to advise to stay on the main road. 

Once the machine is unloaded, we will go over a checklist with you and show you how to operate the machine safely. At this time, we will also write down the hours on the machine. Daily rates for equipment are 8 run hours within a 24 hour time period. If over 8 hours are run on the machine then additional charges will be made at time of pick up. 

Make sure to read the contract attached to the invoice and you will need to sign that before we leave the equipment for your use. 

You will now have your allotted 24 hours to use this machine!

Problems During Rental Period?

If there is a problem with the machine, immediately stop using it and contact us. If we cannot diagnose and fix the problem over the phone, then we will send a mechanic out to you. 

All of our equipment is regularly maintained and thoroughly looked over before going to a jobsite. 

What to Expect for Pick Up

After allotted 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed upon, we will pick up the piece of equipment.

The equipment must be in the same working condition as it was delivered

 - The diesel tank must be full

 - Machine must be clean (interior and exterior)

 - All functions must work properly

 - Machine is not damaged

For pick up, please leave the machine in an easily accessible location. Any additional charges will be billed via invoice.

The Rental Process: Rentals
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